Konferensbord med vit skål fylld med röda äpplen

Behind a perfect conference a lot of work is required to make everything run smoothly. Use your skills to the conference content and let Congresso take care of the practical details. Partnering with them will result in a successful event with satisfied participants. They have extensive experience in booking and arranging conferences and congresses, Swedish and international.


Congresso is since January 2010 Professional Congress Organisers PCO, a certification by IAPCO which guarantee highest quality.

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Conifa World Cup 2014

1-8 June

Take the chance to see great international football.

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Join us for dinner!

Sked och gaffel på en linneservet bredvid en blank vit tallrik

The host invites you to a dinner, always with a local connection and with unexpected touches!


Pet a tame Moose!

Två älgkalvar med huvudena i ett grönt buskage

Book a guided tour and discover how they feel to touch – we bet it will become a life-long memory!

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